The Encyclopedia of Militant Islam

From the Middle East to Africa, Asia, Europe and even the US, the challenge of militant Islam is hard to deny. But given its dispersed nature as a series of local groups and regional conflicts, the global scope of the jihadist campaign has proven difficult for Westerners to grasp. Militant Islam is not confined to the Middle East but is a truly international movement that has engaged in open warfare against peoples, states and cultures all over the world. Now for the first time, a single comprehensive resource collects all of the available information about forty-four of the most active militant Islamic groups world-wide in one easy-to-use volume. In order to counter this violent movement we must first understand how it operates,ho w it is funded, and who leads it. In stunning detail, The Encyclopedia of Militant Islam reveals the global contours of the Jihadist threat. The book is indispensable for anyone who hopes to understand the tangled web of alliances, ideological ties, financial flows, and strategic goals that unite dozens of seemingly disparate movements into a powerful and implacably destructive force. The Encyclopedia of Militant Islam belongs on the shelf of any reader who is seriously concerned about the fate of our civilization.



By Bryan Griffin with Herb London and Jed Babbin.


Available for purchase in paperback or Kindle editions.