Statement of Continued Mission and Purpose

The London Center for Policy Research, in the conduct of its mission to engage in research and provide advice on key issues of national security, energy security, and threats to American interests worldwide.

Way Forward: Strategic Objectives for the London Center The London Center for Policy Research will remain focused on its mission of serving as a “think and do” tank. We will advise, support and facilitate the creation and implementation of effective policies across the spectrum of the US government and our allies.

The London Center will organize around its three core mission areas: Academic, Legislative and National Security Strategy.

In the Center’s engagement and research of the key policy issues regarding national security, energy, and risk analysis the mission essential tasks of the Center are:

  • Global engagement to detect and map “hot spots” that will impact on the economic and security posture of the United States and our allies
  • Provide strategies and tactics to create practical understanding and manage chaos, which may be the key to our national future.
  • Promote the relationship between energy needs and foreign policy at a time when energy independence may soon be possible as well as support the development and fielding of new energy technology and resources
  • Advise and assist policy decisions in the White House, Congress and the Pentagon to insure and enhance U.S. stature and its strategic position
  • Conduct academic research and publish books, reports or other white papers regarding key and critical issues
  • Conduct academic outreach and mentoring of youth regarding ethics, critical thinking and mentorship relating to public service, public policy and national security