The London Center for Policy research is pleased to offer your organization the chance to host more than 15 unique foreign policy and national security experts.

Regardless of almost any budget or experience, London Center will help you through the process and schedule for you the perfect speaker who will educate with enthusiasm and detail based on their unique background.

Contact London Center to inquire about having one of our fellows speak at your event.

Areas of Expertise

Herbert I. London President National Security, Foreign Policy
Eli M. Gold Vice President Legislative and Political Process
Jed Babbin Senior Fellow National Security, Foreign Policy
Rafael Bardaji Senior Fellow Security and Defense, The Middle East, Europe, Terrorism
Dr. Jeremy Black Senior Fellow American and British History, Military History and Strategy, World Economy
Gordon G. Chang Senior Fellow The Chinese Economy, China’s Foreign Policy, North Korea, Nuclear Proliferation
GySgt Jessie Jane Duff Senior Fellow Veterans, Military, National Security Issues, American Economy
Derk Jan Eppink Senior Fellow Security Policy Europe, Russia, Energy and Monetary Policy
David P. Goldman Senior Fellow National Security, Foreign Policy
Mark Langfan Senior Fellow Israel Security, Arab-Israeli Conflict, The Sunni-Shi’ite, Divide, Oil Resource Location, Israel Strategic Value
Clare M. Lopez Senior Fellow Middle East, Islam
Betsy McCaughey Senior Fellow Healthcare, Veterans, National Politics
Deroy Murdock Senior Fellow Culture, Human Rights, Domestic Issues
Peter A. O’Brien Senior Fellow National Security And Defense Issues, Intelligence, National Strategy, Middle East, Far East, Leadership and Strategic Planning
LtCol Anthony Schaffer Senior Fellow National Security, Defense, Intelligence
John Wohlstetter Senior Fellow National Security, Foreign Policy, Nuclear Proliferation Issues

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