Policy Issues

National Defense

It is critical for the United States to define its interests abroad and calibrate those interests to resources and military capabilities. LCPR seeks to create a perspective for interest definition – which is dynamic and changeable – and to assess the existing ability to project power when that is necessary.

Foreign Policy

The identification of trouble spots on the globe through the lens of various criteria including military threats, regional instability, internal schisms and hostility, even nutritional levels and demographic change as key features of LCPR.

International Conflicts

Resolving conflict is much more complicated than any formulaic solution might suggest. Conflict, after all, is built into the conduct of human affairs. If there is a contribution to make, it is in the area of how to think about conflict, what are the vectors pulling in different directions and how might the key actors be influenced.

Domestic Policy

Strong policies at home are critical for a strong presence abroad. LCPR seeks to examine and encourage domestic policies that promote a robust, stable economy and a well-equipped military and national defense system.

Energy Policy

For a century, if not longer, the U.S. has invested blood and fortune in order to protect oil which lubricates American industry and our standard of living. Now, however, due to fracking, new discoveries and alternative sources, the energy equation is undergoing change. How that change affects national security and the deployment of forces has not entered the radar screen of most Washington experts. LCPR sees this matter as one of its essential missions.

Human Rights

Much has been said about human rights, but what remains unsaid is that the flag of human rights is often waved to promote its opposite – human tyranny. Distinguishing between rights that are legitimate and those that promote false dreams is not an easy task, but one we consider essential.

Missile Defense

In a global community that is most likely to see the proliferation of nuclear weapons and radiation devices, missile defense takes on critical dimensions. Understanding the need for defense and explaining the meaning of deterrence is a task each generation will have to confront. LCPR has embraced this task in order to secure a stable future for all Americans.