Jennifer Lawrence

Tim WilsonAs an activist, campaign operative, and journalist Jennifer Lawrence
has worked at the highest levels to contribute towards peace and justice at home and abroad. As an activist, she’s traveled to nearly every corner of America building a national grassroots network. As a campaign consultant, she has advised Presidential candidates, House and Senate campaigns, and a variety of Political Action Committees and non-profits.

Jen spent much of the 2016 Presidential campaign covering the election as a full-time reporter for Breitbart News where her videos and articles were featured on the election’s most influential news site.
Jen is a native of New York and a graduate of the same military high school as President Donald Trump, the New York Military Academy. She received her undergraduate degree in women’s studies from the State University of New York at Purchase.

She is an advocate for restoring strong bonds between America and her closest allies, stopping nuclear proliferation, renegotiating imbalanced trade deals, stopping illegal immigration and tightening vetting procedures of legal immigrants. Domestically, Jen supports economic nationalism, regulation simplification, an “original intent” interpretation of the Constitution, and a wholesale reduction in the size and scope of government and taxes.