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Jay D. Homnick

Jay D. Homnick gave his first public lecture at the age of fifteen, when he stood in for his father to deliver a Bible class at the synagogue. That was in 1973; he hasn’t shut up since

He took his English degree from Brooklyn College to Israel in 1981, and spent the 80s lecturing and mentoring American exchange students in various Jerusalem colleges. These schools would send him as an emissary to address students at such universities as Princeton and Brandeis. He served as a reservist in the Israel Defense Forces

In 1994, he settled back in the United States as a full-time author and lecturer, a one-man ministry of the mind and heart.  He has since written and translated many works of religious and general interest in English and Hebrew.  From 2004 through the present, his column on religion, politics and culture – with its trademark humor and wordplay – has appeared in The American Spectator. In 2015 and 2016 he served as Deputy Editor of that magazine.

Jay has been speechwriter and (shh!) ghost writer for prominent political figures. His most recent book is Bullet In From Sinai: The Moral case for gun rights. As one reviewer noted: “He can make you laugh, he can make you cry… but he always makes you think!”

He has been invited as Scholar-In-Residence to communities as distant and diverse as Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Mexico City, Leeds, and Eze in the French Riviera.

And like any real author, he has an unpublished novel and an unfinished screenplay.

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