DC Defense Meeting — June 2013

Monthly Defense Policy Meeting

At this meeting we will hear from the following individuals who will discuss ideas, initiatives and policy which they are currently working on that we should be aware of.

  1. Col. Allen West, Former Congressman
  2. Tony Shaffer, Center for Advanced Defense Studies
  3. Dave Patterson, National Defense Business Institute
  4. Dani Dayan, President of YESHA Council
  5. Michael Ostrolenk, American Conservative Defense Alliance
  6. Michael Shapiro, Legislative Aide to Rep. Pete Roskam
  7. Yado Yacub, Rep Coffman – Marine Fellow on removing unneeded Armed forces from Europe.

Each presenter will be allotted 4 minutes to discuss the issue they are currently working on. Following each presentation there will be an additional 3 minutes for questions.

This is an off-the-record and invitation-only meeting.



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This meeting was off the record. No video was taken.