82 Candles - Honoring the memory of Dr. London

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As we move forward to expand and work towards Herb’s vision, the London Center will need your help to continue these efforts. Though our founder passed away in 2018 we are asking for your support to honor his memory and the London Center by helping celebrate, what would have been, his 82nd birthday.

On behalf of his friends and family would you consider lighting one of Herb’s 82 candles on a special cake in his honor?
Join others, as the Ritorto family has, in taking part.

For a $1,000, tax-deductible, donation to the London Center for Policy Research your name, or company name, will be attached to his virtual cake for the rest of the year. Once all candles are “lit” we will be able to celebrate a job well-done and ensure the legacy the London Center stands for will shine bright as we continue into a new year. Thank you for your support.


Special Thanks to our donors for lighting Dr. London's candles:

Charles Parlato

MG Christie

Nelson Ong

Gary & Donna Segal

Donald Fox

Deepwoods Creations

Donald Fox

Toshio Masuda

Mariko Ejiri

Richard and Phyllis Heideman

Josh Nass

Joseph and Florence Ritorto

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