2 Years After He Passed, Herbert London's Mideast Vision Came to Fruition

We would like to share this article that appeared on NewsMax, written by Scott Feltman, about our late president and founder and his vision for the middle east. Please click here for more information on Dr. London. Thank you.


November 10th will mark the second anniversary of the passing of American patriot and Zionist Dr. Herbert London. Unfortunately, he never lived to see his vision for a new world order in the Middle East come to fruition. Several years ago, a Gulf States Red Sea Treaty Organization was proposed in documents produced by the London Center for Policy Research of which London was the president and founder. In fact, he spoke of this in a radio interview on WMAU.

London was adamant that President Barack Obama didn't have the right direction for his foreign policy agenda in the Middle East. London, who had been an adviser to both Presidents Ronald Regan and George W. Bush, felt a different strategy had to be taken. As stated in a recent piece in The American Spectator by Jay D. Homnick who is a senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research, "the Center worked hard to promote Herb's unique strategy for Middle East peace."

According to Homnick, "[London] argued passionately that the countries outside Iran's sphere of influence had to be convinced that the only effective counterweight to Iran's aggressive expansion and expansive aggression was for the moderate Arab entities to team up with Israel." He approached Donald Trump with this concept shortly after then-candidate Trump began his presidential campaign in 2015."

In fact, in a piece in Israel International News published in 2018, just a couple of months prior to London's passing, when asked if Arab countries will follow Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud's lead and realize for security and economic growth that it makes sense to have friendly relationships with Israel, this is how he answered, "Yes, no question. The Saudis realize that their economic strength from fossil fuels will come to an end in about 20 years. Israel has constant technological breakthroughs and has a diverse economy that the Saudis would like to learn from, be a part of and emulate. I see better relationships with Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan and hopefully other countries down the line and they need Israel for geo-strategic reasons to stand against Hezbollah ..."

Yes, Zionist and proud American, Herbert London conceptualized what Jared Kushner, Ambassador David Friedman and their strategic partners brought about earlier in September with their Abraham Accords in which the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain signed a joint treaty with Israel.

London was an academic and a deep thinker. He was the founding dean of the Gallatin School for Individualized Study at New York University and was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. In a profile on him that was published in the Jerusalem Report it said that he found it incomprehensible that so many people do not recognize how vital Israel is to the United States' continued safety. He founded the London Center for Policy Research following his presidency of the Hudson Institute from 1997 to 2011.

The London Center for Policy Research was critical in the creation of the Taylor Force Act which pledges to cease sending American economic aid to the Palestinian Authority while it continues to reward violence against Israelis with money in what is now known as "Pay to Slay."

I never got to know London personally. However, I have friends who knew him well. I found it interesting to learn that he inherited his passion for Israel from his father. When discussing how Israel was attacked by Arab nations after they declared independence London wrote "My dad began collecting weapons from Jews who served in World War II and retained rifles and pistols. He wrapped the weapons in towels and sheets and deposited them in cartons ultimately delivered to ships bound for Palestine."

My own father, who is now 94, upon returning from fighting in the South Pacific as a tail-gunner on a B29 during WWII, was also involved in the underground smuggling of weapons to Palestine. However, it was not until 2007 that he realized his dream of visiting the land with my mother, three months before her passing. Consequently, although I did not personally know London, it seems that we were raised with the same values and passion for Israel.

There are many people who will take credit for the Abraham Accords in America, Israel, Bahrain and the UAE, but proud American and Zionist Dr. Herbert London, should be remembered as at least one of the integral forces who got the ball rolling. May we always remember his devotion to both the United States and Israel and may his memory be a blessing for both proud nations.