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While Dr. London passed on the 10th of November the work of the London Center is continuing and expanding both its mission and purpose. The London Center for Policy Research, in the conduct of its mission to engage in research and provide advice on key issues of national security, energy security, and threats to American interests worldwide, has achieved significant successes over the first six years under Dr. London’s leadership. He led the creation of a team of national security experts that created the foundation of concepts such as the Middle East Strategic Alliance (aka Middle East NATO), the path for the reinvigoration of NATO (NATO 2.0) as well as published numerous books such as the Sunni Vanguard, Leading from Behind: the Obama Foreign Policy and the BDS War Against Israel.

Here are a few of the tributes to Dr. London:

Herbert London, Conservative Savant and Social Critic, Dies at 79
By Sam Roberts, The New York Times

Herbert London: An Iconic Example of Learning, Teaching
by Bruce Abramson and Jeff Ballabon, Newsmax

A Great and Good Man, Herb London 1939-2018
by Benjamin Weingarten, City Journal

In Memoriam: Presidential Fellow Dr. Herb London
The King’s College

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